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To ensure that you get the best supporter from us, follow the steps below:

  • Make sure your template/plugins/browser are all updated to the latest versions.
  • Clear your browser, hosting, and website cache.
  • Check our FAQ & Tutorials, as most questions have been covered by our team through tutorials.
  • If steps 1-3 didn’t help, select the type of issue you’re experiencing to find a solution or get in touch with support.

This area is for you if you’re facing an issue related to our Nomade Templates, plugins, etc.

Most common issues

Having an issue with your hosting, emails, or non-Nomade Template plugins?

If the functionality of your website was corrupted after installing a 3d party plugin, try to deactivate that plugin, and clear your site / hosting cache. If you are still having issues continue to disable plugins one by one until you find the offending plugin. Please note that Nomade Templates does not support any 3d party conflicts, since the issue isn’t directly related to our Templates (see paragraph 6.g in our Support terms). We’d recommend at this point contacting the plugin’s support team or simply deactivating the plugin.

Wondering how to modify a look Template function?

If you’re trying to modify the existing functionality or look of your templates, and the option you’re searching for isn’t available as a template default, we assume that custom code would be required to achieve this specific look/functionality. Our team would gladly help, though, please note an additional fee might be applied to bring your idea/desire to live. Before submitting your request, we’d recommend trying creating the desired block in Flex-box

Interested in our products / services, but you have a question

New to Nomade Templates?

We understand that you would like to know more about our Templates and how to integrate them on WordPress, we would like to help you with all your questions, read the tutorials below for more information.

Let’s start

Find out how our templates can be integrated into WordPress.

Building your website

In these tutorials we help you build our templates.


Our templates are SEO friendly + we provide some SEO tips and tricks.

Domain & Hosting

We offer free hosting for all our customers with setup installation for the first year.


We provide some launch techniques and give tips to announce your website via social media.

One to one contact

We are happy to help you with ideas / desires to build your dream website.

Plug-ins Recommendation

The plug-ins in the following article are recommended for Nomade Templates as advice, they are reliable and fit all Nomade Templates. Keep in mind that installing plug-ins is at your own risk, if there are any issues with the plug-in, please contact the owner of the relevant plug-in.


Enjoy our Services!

Maybe you don’t have time, or you would like to improve some of our services. We can provide somes add-on to our templates, or make it more visible 

speed optimization

A slow website will make you lose customers, we help you optimize the loading speed of your website.


Turn your website into an E-shop with Woocommerce plugin and start an online business


To get more visibility on Google, with our SEO strategy for content and blog posts.


We believe that a strong Brand strategy can make a change to give visibility to the big audience.

Booking System

A booking system for your accommodation, connected with booking platforms like Airbnb.

More ideas?

Do you have a cool project? Contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

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