Posted | 21-07-2021

Create the killer product page

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If you end up on this page, you may have been looking at an empty area on your screen for several hours. Besides having high-quality product photos, a call to action, and a good price, having a good product description is a must-have for your E-shop.

In this blog, we will dive into how long your product description should be, what should be in it, SEO, keywords, and more.

Know your niche

First things first, your niche is your dream customers. People, animals or perhaps plants that need your products. How can you persuade your dream client to buy your products with your product description?

Try to include the following points more in your product description:
– Pain point
– Objects
– Identity
– Lifestyle

Show those benefits

As an entrepreneur, you know the benefits of your products like no other, but your customer does not know this yet. For this, you can add 2 to 4 benefits of your product under your description with an icon if necessary to sharpen it.

As a result, attention goes to the “solution” of the pain point, your customer can recognize himself in his/her lifestyle if the product is fair trade, for example, or they immediately see that the jewelry is made of real silver.



Nothing reads better than a little storytelling. When writing your product description, you can come up with a scenario that completely fits the product. For example, if you sell Boho-style dresses, it is more common to talk about a beach day than about a skiing holiday in the Swiss Alps.

Use your SEO keywords

Before you start creating your website, you have already thought a bit about the keywords, and you may have already looked them up. Having an SEO strategy is important for every website because this ensures that you are easier to find on Google. If you have not yet made an SEO strategy, check out our SEO strategy blog for more information.


Back to the product description, once you have your keywords try to make them appear in every description, but in different words. This ensures that in addition to your main keywords, you also include the sub-keywords, which obliges Google to rank higher.

Keep it short

Nobody is waiting for a page with more text than photos, however, it is important that you tell as many product properties as possible and align them among themselves, how heavy it is, length, color, how much power it consumes, and so on.

Try not to use more than 100-300 words with the “storytelling”, this keeps it short and sweet, making it easy to read.

It's not about we...

Never use the word “we” or “our”, the product may have been made by you, but it’s not about you, it’s about the customer. Of course, it is not a problem to use the words, but try to avoid them.

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