Posted | 05-05-2021

SEO Guide

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SEO what exactly is? And how do you keep up?

In this blog, we want to help you with the basics of an SEO-friendly website. So that your website comes to the top in Google, because let’s be honest you don’t want to be on the 2nd page of Google. We personally think that is the best place to keep your deepest secrets, no one will come to that page.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, but how is this going to help you achieve your goals on the internet? Do you want your blog to be read more or more interactions on the products or services you sell? Enough to think about, so hopefully, these tips can help you create an SEO-friendly website.

Keywords | SEO guide

Keywords are the words that your niche looks up, because it makes no sense for florists to use the keyword for car tires. Find out what your niche is looking for and use these keywords in your SEO campaign.

Not only is it important to know what your niche is looking for, but also which keywords are too obvious. Also called the Unicorn Keywords. If you as a florist want to sell flower arrangement packages online next to your shop full of flowers, the keyword florist will not be enough, this keyword is searched a lot (which at first sight seems good), but probably the people who look up florist might be on the look for a florist nearby and not a package to become a florist yourself.

There are differences for free, but paid tools to find keywords that perfectly match your niche. We ourselves use perhaps the most obvious (free) tool there is, Google AdWords.

Content | SEO guide

Keywords collected …. check!

Now that we have found our keywords, we will convert them into content. When people come to your website you also want them to stay on it and actually do an interaction via your website.

For starters, you can already warm them up with a super catchy introduction. How do you do this?

Use these 3 guidelines to keep your audience excited:

The first 2 may be obvious, but how do you keep it exciting?

Not every blog / page has to look like a horror movie, but we do want the audience to want more. In your introduction you can say as an example “if you want to know more about this subject, read on”

Make your page / post easy to read.

Speaking of horror, there is nothing as scary as getting on a page with a wall of text. Use these points by reading through a text easily, clearly and with pleasure:

Using links | SEO guide

SEO and links are BFFs, when you think of SEO you think of links, you cannot tell them apart.

Find out which links do best on your page (except for home) and try using them in your next post. Or use this page to send the audience to a specific blog about the topic of the page.

Use the keyword you have chosen and make it a link. Don’t do this too much otherwise Google may start to see you as a Spam.

We are just starting your website, and you don’t have that much post yet to add a link to it, we totally get it! In our post, we always work 4 weeks ahead and think about which are of the same topic, so that we can add the link in this post. We use the topics business, shop, and lifestyle.

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