Posted | 14-04-2021

Get your strong landing page in 6 steps.

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Why is having a landing page such a must? This is because you direct your target audience directly to what you want to achieve with your landing page, whether this be email subscriptions, contact forms, or promotions of your products. Different from your home page is that a landing page has 1 goal, where a homepage has multiple goals. Your contact page will also not comply with landing pages.

As an example: you sell magazines, and you want people to subscribe to them, for this, you create a fun and attractive promotion. If you share this on your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) then it goes without saying that when clicking on the post, people go to the page where they can register and not go to the homepage or contact page.

Now it is time to create a Strong landing page in 6 steps.

1. Keep the navigation simple

Less is more, right ?! This certainly also applies to a landing page, research has shown that a short but powerful landing page causes 13% more sign-ups, and 25% more clicks.

Show the most important points right at the top of the page, which they can discuss for example if they take a two-year subscription to your magazine.

2. Design is the key

The template, color, and font are important points that make or break your landing page.


A landing page template is a simple template that fits your website and is easy to fill in with information, you can create a landing page template yourself, but we also offer landing pages within our templates. Check out the link for more information.


Use your brand colors, and use it if necessary a pop color that goes well with that and the emotion you want to convey.


We cannot say this often enough, use simple fonts! (Google fonts are the best) As a result, the visitor has no trouble reading the content and the focus goes to the content of the content.

3. Sovle their problems

This is really our favorite top pic, thinking of solutions so that someone else will grow from it. Make sure your target audience immediately sees a header with the solution to the problem they find in your niche.

Tip: make multiple header titles and discuss with your colleague, friend, or family a choice from the best of your selection.

4. Content & SEO

It is important that your content, titles, and photos are SEO optimized. This ensures that you get higher in Google’s search ranking. Check out our SEO guide for more information.

5. Optimize for mobile

80% -90% of your website visitors will come through your phone, so it is very important that your landing page is mobile-friendly.

6. Landing page must haves

There are some must-haves that are important in your landing page, images, video, testimonials, social media links, contact information, and the important CALL TO ACTIONS.

Images, videos & testimonials
All these points make it look more personal and attractive. You also build up a relationship of trust with the visit to your website.

Social media links
Show that you show yourself on multiple channels, comes across more reliably, and it is good for SEO.

Contact information
Show your location via a Google link, Google will find this easier to show you in the search function.

Call to actions
This is what your landing page is about the call to action, your call to action could be buying your product, contact form, or a simple button. As long as it is clearly visible.

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