Posted | 03-02-2021

Let your call to actions work

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Our first question that we ask our customers is the goal/function of the website, and there is a reason why we are asking this. We ask this so that we know what the CALL TO ACTION of the website is, you read that right, the goal/function is actually the call to action of your website. The goal/function of your website can be an E-shop, raise money for a good cause, contact, or use your services.

In this blog post, we want to share with you how you can make a strong call to action on your website and what ways there are to apply it to your website.

What is a call to action?

A call to action can be in the form of a button, image, icon, text or from, a call to action must be short and sweet. The goal is to draw the audience to the point and eventually buy them the products or fill out the form.


Although a call to action should not come across as aggressive, it is important that you help the public solve their problem, using your call to action will make their lives further from perfect.

Does a call to action make sense on my website?

100% YES !!! Does your website really make sense if it offers no purpose or direction for you


When a website does not have a clear goal, people will think that it looks very nice, but what is this website about, and soon they will start looking at your competitor’s website.


That is why it is so important that every website has a call to action, even if the button says “learn more”.


Plan your call to action

How do you find out which call to action you need for your website? That’s easy to answer, right? Yet we see that many entrepreneurs find this question difficult to answer, so ask yourself “what do I want people who visit my website to do?”


Also, think carefully about where and how you show your call to action, our advice is to put it right in the banner of your homepage.


There is nothing wrong with this call to action, he is simple and clear, but he misses the dynamic …


The arrow also leads to the call to action, this ensures that it is clear to people that they can contact them here.

Types of call to actions

Here is a list of simple call to actions that you can use on your website.

– Sing up
– Donate
– Join now
– Get started
– Learn more

– My work
– What we do
– Let’s connect
– Our story

– Score ____ now!
– Shop our sales now!

What makes a good call to action?

Education has shown that customers will buy more from an E-shop in which the E-shop only talks to 1 person and not to everyone.



Use your special discount code here.


Get a discount with this code…


It’s a small difference, but they are thought to be special and then your audience will use products and/or services more quickly.


For services, it can also help to make the call to action in the form of a team.


“Let’s create together”

“Get started”

How to add a call to action to a Nomad template?

Our templates are built to attract visitors to the call to action, view our banners and flex-boxes to see which banner call to action suits you best.


A good tip is to write down multiple headers that can be good for your call to action, and together with a friend, colleague, or family which header appeals to them the most.


Prefer to use our services?

We offer various services that help you with a good call to action, view our services, or shop our templates and do it yourself!

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