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Why we focus on E-shop Templates in WordPress & Elementor

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Why you need an E-Commerce Template if you sell products?

Now more than ever, the online world is indispensable for everyone, since COVID-19 came into the world and many entrepreneurs had to close their shops, bars, and restaurants, some even for good.

More and more you see that entrepreneurs start offering their products on social media and via an E-shop.

In this blog, we will share with you why it is so easy to set up an E-shop with our Templates.

1. We can install your Eshop

Let’s imagine you are selling clothes in your shop. You’ve got stock, you have different sizes, etc… And you ask, ok, how can I implement all of that in my website? 

We can make it easy

In our templates, most of them are for E-shops. So, all the design is already built for selling products. You already have the checkout page, the cart page, etc… 

But, you need a tool, who is WooCommerce for WordPress, that allowed you to manage your stocks and your product. 

Easy to install, and configure, you need to put inside your products. That’s really easy, if you have a low budget, you should watch some tutorials on YouTube. If you need some help, feel free to check our setup

Tip: Before starting anything, you need first to think about your organization. Do I want to put everything online, or just a part of my products? Do I want to have 2 stocks or just one? Find those answers will help you to build your project. 

2. Choose your paiement system.

If we can give one recommendation on this step, it’s to offer more than one payment system. And for a lot of reasons…

Paiement system

Example: You are using Paypal, but your Ecommerce website is crossing a connection issue with Paypal. Your clients can use another system, and you don’t lose money.  

3. Mhhh... And how I'm going to Delivery

Let’s go to another really important point. Your customers need to receive your products when they order. And, some other questions are coming. Which partner should I choose to manage it, how long time it’s will take, which cost do I apply? 

That’s maybe one of the most important ones because your customers want to have it quickly, to track it, and to be sure to receive it. So you need to show that you are really serious on this point

Regarding where you are, and where you want to deliver, you will have some configurations available. 

Worldwide companies, like DHL, UPS, DPD can deliver everywhere (or almost) in the world. But, you can also choose for a more specific company, if you want to deliver only in your country, and to choose for your E-commerce a local partner. 

If you choose the Pro Setup, we can guide you to take the best decisions to make your business growing. 

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